05.14.23 - Added favorite music videos page!

05.08.23 - Didn't change much visually, but organized/renamed some files and folders. Also added my first webring! It's at the bottom of the home page. I may move it somewhere else in the future, I'm not sure.

05.05.23 - Put a To-Do List below here. Made a Graphics page for my collection of different graphics, the Toybox page was moved to here.

04.14.23 - Made a virtual pets page, moved Tamagotchi page to here & will add more at some point.

04.13.23 - Made my journal page! Changed bg, I think I like this one a lot better.

04.01.23 - I got my Tamagotchi Pix today so I made a page for it! Also reorganized the Tamas page just a lil' bit.

03.30.23 - A chatbox is now active! It's the lil' GIF of a spinning pink flower. in the lower left corner! Also added a cat that chases your mouse :3

03.29.23 - Updated a few things and added a Shimarin in the corner! I have a few pages in the works but not ready to upload them yet!

01.31.23 - Nothing much, just updated a few lil things here and there. Added a lil thingy on my welcome page.

01.25.23 - Finally created my profile page!

01.20.23 - Added 2 tamaNOTchis! They're sitting above my gifypet :3

01.19.23 - Added a background! Made it myself :3 I don't think I really like it though but I'll keep it for now. Updated a few things in the Tamagotchi section. Made a cute bunny scrollbar, you can see it here -->
Added a Wobble, you can see them next to my header!

01.17.23 - Added toybox!

01.15.23 - Added Tamagotchi page! Fixed some buttons on Sites not opening in new tab. Got rid of links to some pages I'm probably not gonna make anytime soon lol.

01.12.23 - Updated Home, Sites, added Stop symbol to unmade pages, removed site counter for now.

01.11.23 - Added References page, added Changelog, adjusted font colors to be more readable hopefully!

01.10.23 - First actual update!

04.01.22 - Site created! 🎂