09.12.23 - Made a page for online virtual/digital pets!

09.05.23 - Moved the 'banner' cliques to my profile and the others are just on my welcome page! Creations pages are up! These pages still need some tweaking but I've been lazy with working on them and got tired of not having them uploaded lol.

08.27.23 - Updated Tamagotchi Angel page! And new journal entry!

05.14.23 - Added favorite music videos page!

05.08.23 - Didn't change much visually, but organized/renamed some files and folders. Also added my first webring! It's at the bottom of the home page. I may move it somewhere else in the future, I'm not sure.

05.05.23 - Put a To-Do List below here. Made a Graphics page for my collection of different graphics, the Toybox page was moved to here.

04.14.23 - Made a virtual pets page, moved Tamagotchi page to here & will add more at some point.

04.13.23 - Made my journal page! Changed bg, I think I like this one a lot better.

04.01.23 - I got my Tamagotchi Pix today so I made a page for it! Also reorganized the Tamas page just a lil' bit.

03.30.23 - A chatbox is now active! It's the lil' GIF of a spinning pink flower. in the lower left corner! Also added a cat that chases your mouse :3

03.29.23 - Updated a few things and added a Shimarin in the corner! I have a few pages in the works but not ready to upload them yet!

01.31.23 - Nothing much, just updated a few lil things here and there. Added a lil thingy on my welcome page.

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