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User: karameru (#29039)

ㅤI was super obsessed with this when it initially came out but had to stop because I became busy with other things. I still try to log in once in a while though. It's a cozy lil' pet game in a cute painterly style. I haven't played very many online pet games so idk how fun it is compared to others but I enjoy it! I just like collecting all the cute creatures and I think the NPCs have some fun stories too.

ㅤIf you're interested in the game, here's my referral link! It gives me points I can redeem for stuff once you get to a certain point in the game. :)

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ㅤThere's barely anything to look at on these profiles atm but I hope to be a lil more active in the future :)

User: karameju

ㅤMain account! Created as an adult™ because I wanted to have a fresh start!

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User: juliette470

ㅤThis is an old account from ever since I was a suuper young child! Idk if I'll ever really be active here but maybe I'll log in once in a while.

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