Tamagotchi Nano Evatchi

Evatchi Rei Model.

ㅤㅤGot as a late Christmas gift from a friend :3 This color's my fave out of the Evatchis. This is also the first nano I've played! (but not the first gotten.)
ㅤㅤI think the gameplay is pretty interesting so far! Even after getting an Angel it can evolve into a special character, and maybe another after that. And you get different characters depending on how you feed them, games played, how much time spent as a cocoon, etc.. It's kinda complicated lol. I like that a lil' animation based off the show plays every halfway point of an hour too.

Had since Jan. 12, 2023

Daily Events Seen

table taken from the tamagotchi fandom wiki
blue highlight means seen

9:30Maya typing on a computer
10:30Harmonics test
11:30Mari parashooting
12:00Asuka eating lunch with either Rei or Hikari
14:30Shinji in a hospital bed
15:00(Leliel only) Shinji sitting on a train with a younger Shinji
15:00(Kaworu only) Kaworu and Shinji playing the piano
15:30Toji eating ice cream (with either the ice cream stick being blank or a winner)
16:30Jet alone walking
17:30Kaji hitting on Ritsuko while Misato watches
18:30Fuyutsuki playing a game
19:30Shinji's SDAT player
20:30Misato drinking beer

Angels Gotten

Israfel Zeruel Sachiel Bardiel Shamshel