Tamagotchi Smart

Tamagotchi Smart in the color Sanrio Pink.

ㅤㅤMy first TamaSmart! The Sanrio theme is so cute! I was surprised by how quickly they grow in this one and how much easier it is to take care of the Tamas compared to previous ones I've had.

Had since Dec. 31, 2022

Smart Cards!

Tamagotchi Smart Rainbow Friends card. Tamagotchi Smart Sanrio card.

Tamas Gotten

pink bg on adults means Natsuki Icon was obtained.

Milktchi Karapatchi
Unipegasatchi Pikagorotchi Nijifuwatchi Watawatatchi
Mame Kitty Little Weep | Fondness icon gotten! Gudetama Karapa Cinnamon Milk | Fondness icon gotten!

Achiatchi Rabirabitchi Gunchitchi Mokotsunotchi Kyupitchi
Mofuwatchi Chamekotchi Omuchutchi Kurumaritchi
Puchiotchi Puchikotchi