A pastel blue Tamagotchi Angel.

ㅤㅤThis is one I wanted really badly wanted because of how cute the shell is and the premise of taking care of the spirits of dead Tamagotchis and growing them into angels sounded super cute and wholesome to me.
ㅤㅤI got it for a pretty good price on eBay from what I've seen (about $30), it also interestingly came with a manual from a different non-Tamagotchi pet game. I can't tell what the manual is meant to be for though because it's written in Chinese and I tried Googling the kanji but didn't get any results.
ㅤㅤUnfortunately, the Angelgotchi I got had one screw a bit stripped, then I ended up stripping it more, so I can't take off the battery cover and put in batteries ^^; It's completely stripped now and I've kinda run out of options besides possibly finding a drill bit small enough for the screw and drilling it out, idk. I have new screws ready for whenever I get it out though!

ㅤㅤThe screw has come out!! We were able to use a screw extractor kit to get it out so I've finally been able to put a battery in and confirm it was working and started playing it!!!

Had since Oct. 14, 2022

Tamas Gotten